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 What changed since your first interview? 
Only minor changes, regular life stuff.

Bmx scene in our region (Slovenia, Austria etc.) needs more of?
I don't know exactly how other countries are like, but I feel ours needs more support.

Best sitcom vs. the gayest sitcom? 
Im not into sitcom's. I'd rather watch movies.

A stranger walks to you and asks to scratch him on the back. Would you do it?
Why not.

Does ageing affect your riding style?
Its not ageing but riding different stuff through the years.

Heaven is a?
Belinda Carlisle says its a place on earth.

How many bmx web edits can one consume during one day?
 1,2,3...5 or none 

Trap rap, hippy style, free coasters, nose manual bar/180 out, crankarm grinds and weed are really trendy in the bmx world nowadays. What is coming up next?
Maybe old school will come back? i don't know.. 

How do you feel about Shawn White not getting the gold medal in Sochi? Does that make you really sad?
I dont know anything about that.

Bmx plus Olympic games? 
Yes, if shajba is the main organiser.

Is shaving your balls healthy?

Yes, if you dont cut yourself.

Is there such a thing as oversized boobs?

Its a big thing.

Your favourite food?

Pad thai with shrimps at the moment.

Omg, omg snakes everywhere!!!! what do you do?

Whip out my own snake.

Should we all just give up on bmx and start riding scooters?

Do you want to make Jesus cry?

A girl lets you shag her in the butt, but only if she could do you with a strap-on first. Fair deal?

I think she'd be the one pulling the short straw here.

Your perfect spot?

There definitely needs to be a bank included. Recently I've been searching for smaller curves and such, so a perfect spot would need that as well.

Glidecam vs. skateboard?

Skateboard, not that I don't like glidecam, skateboard just feels more raw.

Snickers vs. Mars. 

Any funny/scary/strange stories from shajba trips?

There's no need to explain, shitty photos section shows this side of the trips well.

Do you buy any BIO products?

Yes, but not in the supermarket. It's hard to talk about BIO products, it's just less shitty food.

Sushi vs. Pusshy? 
If sushi is on pusshy then sushi.

Why do people post their selfies with some cheapass sayings on FB? Are you one of them? 
FB? Because its trendy.

Is abubaca still a cool trick? 
Yes it is, but I prefer fufunu.

Your kid wants to play football and doesn`t care about bmx. Is violence in this case the answer?
 I was playing football when I was younger but my parents shown me the way with many broken bones.

What is your opinion on opp tricks?Doing some ugly opp 360 in the line just for the sake of it instead of a normal 360?
 I like oppo 360 but if its done smoothly, no point in putting it in if it looks forced.

What`s up with that brake of yours? Fed up with being brakeless? You`re also riding metal pedals, why is that? I think it came from riding a lot with Luka and trying to ride trails. I like it and have them on all the time now. The grip with metal pedals is always the same and you dont need to worry about that.